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5 Tips on How to Create a Winning Google AdWords Campaign

Google rakes in over $52 billion in net annual revenue from ads alone. This is about 77.8% of the entire search revenue in the US and about 30% of the global revenue in ads alone. Google AdWords is a pocket-friendly way of advertising and the best part is the prices apply to all companies regardless of size.

Nevertheless, running a successful AdWords campaign is hectic and if you’re in it for the first time, you can expect fear. It requires a lot of intelligent research otherwise there’ll be no difference with throwing your money in the ocean.

Even after your campaign goes live, you’ll still need to keep it under a microscope in order to monitor its performance. If it doesn’t go as you expected, you can always tweak a few elements.

But guess what?

You don’t have to go through the entire process because, in this article, you’ll learn how to create a winning Google AdWords campaign. How about we dive right into it and get this campaign on the road, shall we?

1. Understand Google AdWords

First things first. Before you can even create an account with Google AdWords, it’s vital to understand its purpose. What is this platform good for?

To answer this, AdWords is a magnificent platform for getting measurable results which can generate leads and eventually convert into sales. However, you must keep in mind the platform requires constant investment since all clicks must be paid for.

Remember, AdWords is good for measurable results. Creating brand awareness should be out of the question because it’s immeasurable. Therefore, during your campaign design, keep these pointers in mind.

2. Research Customer Demand

If there’s no demand for your product online, then running an AdWords campaign is pointless. Thus, you must research customer demand to find out if it’s enough to launch a campaign for your products or services.

To do this, create an account with Google AdWords, which is simple and fast. All you have to do is follow the instructions to get your account up and running. After creating your account, the next step will be to head to the keyword tool where you’ll enter phrases and words you think people are searching for.

In return, Google will provide information such as their competitiveness, the frequency of the searches and how much you’ll need in order to advertise. This information will be useful in determining customer demand and whether you have a green light to start advertising.

3. Lay Down Your Goals

Now, this is fundamental to your entire AdWords campaign. Think of this goal as your destination on a road trip. Without one, then you’re basically roaming with no real intention. You must have a goal and it should be as clear as day.

So, what do you need?

A solid unique selling proposition (USP). This is what will set you aside from your competitors and also give potential customers a reason to click on your ad. Here’s why a unique USP will is critical to your campaign:

  • It will generate tons of traffic, quality traffic, from potential customers who will then click on your ad.
  • Due to the high traffic you get from the ads, there’ll be a high probability of sales conversion rates. This means more revenues for your business.
  • Eliminate competition and command higher rates. Remember, your USP offers prospects value for their money and a reason to do business with you. This way, your prices will be last on their list.

So, you understand Google AdWords, you’ve done your research on customer demand, laid down your goals and even created a campaign. What’s left is to launch it.

But wait…

Where will your prospects land once they click on their ad? Here’s the answer.

4. Creating an Irresistible Landing Page

You may have a killer campaign but it’s worthless if you can’t convert prospects into customers. In fact, this is where many companies drop the ball. Where they direct prospects after clicking on their ad.
Many companies direct their hard-earned earned traffic to home pages. Big mistake! Your home page contains too much “noise” or in other words, multiple other products and services. Once a prospect lands on such a page, they’ll be confused and angry because they’ve wasted their time.

Check out Moz’s landing page.

Moz landing page an example of a simple website design for todays tech age

For, you, it’s more than time. Your money will go down the drain without tangible results. To avoid this, send this traffic to a landing page whose main goal is to solve the prospect’s problem. The landing page should have a single purpose, to convert sales.

5. Optimize Your Ad

After Google approves your campaign ad, you can launch it. However, this is only the beginning of a long journey. Similar to buying a car, the real job is in its maintenance. You must optimize your AdWords campaign by making various adjustments to these key areas:

  • Keyword bids. There are two scenarios here. First is when the sales are profitable but not ranking at number 1. In such a scenario, you may want to increase your bids. The other scenario is when the campaign doesn’t bring in any sales. In this case, consider lowering your bids or pausing the entire campaign.
  • The click-through rate. The CTR is a great measure of your campaign’s success. A high CTR means your campaign is successful. A low one means you have to change your campaign by testing other ad versions to see which gets more clicks.
  • Your landing page. This is a critical part of the campaign, thus trying out various landing pages can help you identify one with high conversion rates. Google Analytics Experiments is a great tool to analyze how the landing pages perform.

Over to You

It’s your turn now. After all, you have all the tips discussed at length in this article including what Google AdWords is, researching customer demand, laying down solid goals, creating a high-conversion landing page and optimizing your campaign once it’s live.

By adding these ingredients to your campaign recipe, chances are potential customers will walk in right through the front door. Happy hunting!

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